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Store Policy

Beste's Hydroponics Store Policies

1.) Special Orders- If you do not see a product in stock, we will make special orders depending on availability. Special orders must be pre-paid in full and NO returns will be accepted on any special order under any circumstances.

2.) Special Order Pick-Up- All special orders need to be picked up within two weeks of us notifying you that it is in. Due to limited space, we will not store these items past this time period without charging a fee. For every day over the two week time period you will be charged $4.00 per day and up to 30 days. No Exceptions. If you call and ask for an exception we will consider the exception and make a judgment call. Please understand that this policy is now enforced in order to make room for current stock.

3.) In-Store Merchandise Return Policy- Under NO circumstances will Beste's accept any returns of products that have been used or opened. New and unused merchandise with the original receipt, packaging, and instructions can be returned within 7 days of purchase. However, there will be NO returns on any liquids, electronics (including pH meters, TDS/EC/PPM meters, controllers, timers, light rail motors, etc), soils, growing medium, powders, etc. Any manufacturer warranty accompanying the above mentioned products will be dealt with directly between manufacturer and the customer. However, we will accept Hydrofarm manufactured (ex. SG Lite, Active Air, etc) product returns.

4.) XtraSun, Harvast Sun, SG, Value Gro, and other Magnetic Ballast In-Store Repair Policies-

a. If you have a receipt and your XtraSun, Harvest Sun, SG, or other magnetic ballast is still within the warranty date, Beste's can ship it back to the manufacturer. This can take up to 4-6 weeks for repair or replacement.

b. If you cannot wait or your ballast is out of warranty, we can try to repair it in store. Once we break the ballast seal, this will VOID your manufacturer's warranty. The customer must sign a waiver agreement stating that Beste's will not be held responsible for the warranty or repair of ballast. For this service, we will charge $29.95 plus parts.

5.) Equipment Loan Policy-

a. A signed receipt and copy of the customer's driver's license will be required on any loan.

b. Please return any loaned equipment in the same condition it was loaned to you with all of the parts included. Ex. Please clean the equipment and return with all cords, packaging, etc.

Please understand these new polices are being implemented in order to remain compliant with our suppliers and will be strictly enforced. Once products are sent back to the manufacturer, it is out of our hands until they decide on a repair, refund, exchange, credit, or on no action at all. Remember, processes can be delayed due to our supplier's location, hours, holidays, natural disasters, etc. Beste's tries our best to make sure each customer is taken care of and we give 100% of our time and respect, so please do the same. If you have a problem, please talk to management in a calm and respectful manner.